Team Projects

Dino Delivery is a third person adventure game about Pip and his dino Parcel on a quest to recover the lost mail and solve an egg-napping mystery.

The game was designed to be a friendly, inviting experience, so the game has no combat!

For more on Dino Delivery, click here.

Developed: 2017-2018 for PC

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Role: Interaction Designer

My tasks included:

  • Annexed interaction blueprints for specific functionality

  • Encounter design and implementation

  • Tutorialization of core mechanics (movement, shooting, commands)

  • Pacing and flow for first and second game regions

Aquadrenaline is a multiplayer sports game. Players drive around in hydroplane vehicles competing in a classic game of capture the flag. The game features kart-style items and weapons such as torpedoes and boosts, but also crazier items such as a plasma cannon and "boop gun."

Aquadrenline is an awesome experience because the movement and physics system are so robust; players can fly off waves and ramps and do aerial tricks, such as rolls and flips. 

Developed: 2017-2018 for PC

Engine: Custom C++

My role on the project was as designer and director. My tasks included:

  • Creating UI, level design, and mechanics prototypes

  • Scripting game mode, player, and item logic in Lua

  • Level design and player pathing

  • Leading design-oriented meetings

(showcased at Pax WEst 2017!)

CrystalBound is a top-down action-adventure game where 2 players work together to explore a mysterious subterranean environment and defeat cursed creatures.

What makes CrystalBound special is its dedication to co-operation. When the players start the game they're immediately cursed; this curse binds them together, and if they get too far away their life force is drained! The players also share their life force, so if one player takes a hit, both players feel the pain.

Developed: 2016-2017 for PC

Engine: Custom C++

My role on the project was as designer and director. My tasks included:

  • Prototyping and developing player and enemy mechanics

  • Level design and prop placement

  • Balancing the flow of encounters

  • Narrative design

  • UI wireframing and UX design

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