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Solo Projects

For one of my DigiPen classes, I needed to pick a prior project and revamp it. I decided to port over the prototype for Aquadrenaline that I made in the Zero Engine, hence Aquadrenaline: Zero. I spent most of development porting over gameplay logic from text scripting to Blueprints, but I also made the original menu concept functional. The game now also supports 2-4 players and teams in three different game modes: Capture the Flag, Arena, and Deathmatch.

Developed: Spring 2019 for PC

Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Some of the features and systems that I worked on for Aquadrenaline: Zero that weren't in the original prototype were:

  • Support for 2-4 players and teams

  • Water physics

  • Post-processing effects

  • More items, e.g. the Boop Gun and Buoys

  • Spatial UI for player guidance


In my first solo project using Unreal, I wanted to create a short game that would give me a taste of what Unreal is like. I decided tell the story of a modern day relationship with a minimalist theme. I planned on starting with Unreal's ball rolling prototype, but once I felt more comfortable with Blueprints I created the movement controls by myself. The game features 12 levels; I've included a sampling in the video here.  

Developed: Fall 2018 for PC

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

In this game, I utilized and developed:

  • Crafting a narrative that has no dialogue 

  • Designing levels that mirror story progression

  • A marble player controller from scratch using blueprints

  • UE4 UMG to create a simple HUD

  • Audio implementation, incl. BGM and SFX

Shapes of Love

Shapes of Love was a prototype I made for a design class. The idea was a subversive dating sim using ideas put forward by Gary Chapman in his best-selling self-help book The Five Love Languages. The game dealt with infidelity and deconstructed the absurd tropes of the dating sim genre.

The game features 3 polygonal characters that could be courted and taken up as romantic partners.


Developed: Spring 2018 for PC

Engine: Unity

With Shapes of Love I learned about techniques that can make content creation much faster. Although I did not end up completing a full game loop, I learned how to use a rough dialogue system that read in data from a JSON file that could display dialogue depending on the location, relationship status, activity, and character. This project also gave me extensive practice using Unity's UI systems.

Aquadrenaline Prototype

In order to get an idea of what we wanted for Aquadrenaline, and while our engine was still being built, I created a 2-player prototype of what our game could look and feel like. Without our physics implementation available, I wanted to think about how the boats would move and interact with one another, as well as the general mood and tone of our game. The demo here is a 5 minute round of Capture the Flag.

Download to game prototype for Aquadrenaline

Click here

to download!

(PC only)

Developed: Fall 2017 for PC

Engine: Zero Engine

In my prototype, I learned a lot about:

  • Making menu systems from scratch

  • Designing a 3D multiplayer map

  • UI for split screen multiplayer

  • Game feel for a kart-style controller

  • Kart-style item implementation

  • Capture the flag game mode logic

Weapon Project


As a part of my Maya modeling class, we made a medieval weapon with books and a candlestick. I decided to make a 3D model of the Master Sword from Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda, with books dedicated to the goddesses Nayru, Farore, and Din!​

Developed: Spring 2018

Program: Maya 2015

I was really excited about working on this project. While working I learned about:

  • Mirroring models for efficiency

  • NURBS curves

  • Arnold rendering

  • Emissive maps

  • Area lights

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