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Welcome! I'm Nick Johnston. I'm a game designer with a passion in finding what makes games engaging. With each project I've worked on, my skills have grown tremendously, and I look forward to discovering and solving new problems!

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Europa Environmen

The greatest opportunity that Bungie and DigiPen afforded me was the ability to work with talented individuals in order to create projects greater than any one person could.

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Team Projects

Team Projects

At DigiPen, I worked on several 6-week solo projects and a few year-long team projects. These ranged from a subversive dating sim to multiplayer action games.

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Solo Projects

Solo Projects
My Info

If you'd like to contact me, please feel free to do so through the contact information found here! I'm searching for Encounter, Tech, or Gameplay Design opportunities!

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My Info

"To create a new standard, you have to be up for that challenge and really enjoy it."

-Shigeru Miyamoto
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